Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At Hotel Near Niagra Falls

Brutus After Niagra Hike

Brandy After Niagra Hike

Family Photo At Niagra Falls

Looking Off Bridge

Group Photo By Rapids

Me and Papa

Momma and Brandy

Brutus Close Up

Brandy Close Up

Sitting By Niagra River

Brandy Wonders If Water Is Warm

It's A Long Way Down

Sitting By River

Momma, Brandy and Brutus Sitting

Sitting By River

Me and Papa by Falls

Momma and Brandy at Falls

Sitting At Niagra Park

Group Photo In Michigan

Looking Out Window

Sitting On Couch

Brutus Looking Through Shelby and Shadow's Toy Box

Brutus Resting During Premier

Sitting In Car During Premier

Scott and Shelby and Jenn and Shadow

Fran Showing Tika

Momma, Brandy and Brutus Watching Premier

Jenn and Shelby Showing At Premier

Momma, Brutus and Brandy At Premier

Brandy Sleeping

Brutus Passed Out

Brandy and Shadow

Playing With Shelby in Michigan

Brutus Relaxing On Vacation

Brandy Looking In